Outstanding design, optimal fit and unique quality make the EVUPRE women’s rowing clothing and accessories outstanding. Our range includes racers, jackets, vests, shorts, rowing gloves and dry bags. Whether for racing, training or everyday life on the boatyard, we optimize our women’s rowing clothing with high-quality textiles, best fit and many innovative details for the respective area of use.

Women Racers

Our performance racers impress with soft materials for unlimited mobility, whether at 40 strokes per minute or during long training sessions. Quick-drying, lightweight and stretchy fabrics ensure fast cooling while you wear them. Around the gluteus, the racer is free of seams and therefore very comfortable to wear.

Women Jackets and Vests

The perfect rowing jacket or rowing provides you with freedom of movement and breathability and considers changeable weather conditions. The entire body is in action from the catch to the finish and should not be limited by clothing during this process. That is why we place special emphasis on our men’s rowing clothing tops with form-fitting cut and sufficient space in the shoulder area to ensure optimum support for rowers. We work with the best textile manufacturers in Europe who meet the highest quality standards in sportswear.

Women Tops

The optimal rowing outerwear takes special consideration of freedom of movement, breathability and the often changing conditions on the water. From the long stroke to the final pull, the entire body is in action and should not be limited by the clothing. That’s why we put special emphasis on our tops with slim cut and shoulder freedom, so that they support rowing in the best possible way. We work with the best textile manufacturers in Europe, which guarantee the highest quality standards in sportswear.

Women Bottoms

For the women’s rowing apparel bottoms, we’ve put extra thought into making the design more modern and active. With the new EVUPRE shorts and pants, we’ve combined the functionality of tights with the look of relaxed training pants: a high and wide waistband provides a visible waist and good protection in the lumbar area plus a stylish look. They fit perfectly, in the rowing boat, in the weight room and while enjoying a well-deserved drink in the guest garden of the regatta café. Read more about the EVUPRE design in our stories.

Women Gloves

Blisters on palms and fingers are considered a hallmark of rowing. Unfortunately, they are also often very painful! That’s why we have been creating the highest quality gloves on the rowing market for many years. There is the perfect protection for every rower with the LP (Light Protection) and SP (Strong Protection with extra padding) models in summer and winter versions. And with the gloves our journey has also begun, you can find the whole story here.

Women Accessoires

From hand care to 100% waterproof bags: In the rowing boat you have to be well prepared for many situations. Above all, weather and water, but also strong sunshine place high demands on people and material. With the ROWTEX accessories, such as the Protect Hand Cream or the Dry Bags, you are well prepared for every rowing moment.

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