Rowing Gloves

Rowing Gloves: Less blisters – more performance

Rowtex rowing gloves put an end to painful blisters on your hands. Whether training, racing, recreational rowing, coastal rowing or tours: we protect your hands and increase your performance.

We offer four models with different features to meet your needs in the boat:

LP (Light Protection)

With its single Clarino synthetic leather layer, this model offers sufficient protection against blisters and ensures an optimal rowing feel.

LP+ (Light protection warm)

Features additional protection against chilly weather, especially in winter.

SP (Strong Protection)

For particularly sensitive hands, with extra padding to the Clarino material at certain pressure points.

SP+ (Strong Protection warm)

Features additional protection against chilly weather for sensitive hands.

Why Rowtex rowing gloves?

  1. Tailor-made for rowers: Our gloves have been specially developed for the unique movements and requirements of rowing. No comparison with everyday gloves or improvised solutions.
  2. Injury prevention: Experience a significant reduction in blisters and calluses. Our gloves offer effective protection against the unpleasant side effects of rowing.
  3. Optimized performance: A pain-free grip means improved performance. Without the distraction of painful blisters, you can concentrate fully on your rowing stroke.
  4. High quality materials: Rowtex Rowing Gloves are made from high quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. Our focus is on quality to enhance your rowing experience.

Experience the difference with Rowtex Rowing Gloves

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