Women Rowing Clothes

We offer high quality rowing clothes for women made in Europe of the finest textiles and with premium design. Our products range from Racers, Jackets, Gilets and Vests, Shorts, as well as accessories such as Rowing Gloves or Dry Bags.


The EVUPRE Racer is the most specific rowing garment. Developed with our team and elite rowers, the slim fit racers are made for high performance rowing as well as long rowing trips. Made from durable, fast drying, and highly elastic tech materials.


Our rowing jackets and top layer vests protect you from wind and rain while not constraining your range of movement. Our top layers keep your back dry and warm and let your sweat escape for ideal comfort. Made for rough conditions.

Women Tops

Our tops are made of fast drying, elastic performance textiles. The key feature of our tops is the light-weight comfort of the fabrics as well as the ideal rowing fit to support your rowing movement from catch to release.

Women Bottoms

The EVUPRE bottoms combine the function of performance tights and shorts with a relaxed training look: high rise hem, durable and water repellant tech fabric, mesh inserts for air ventilation.

Rowing Gloves

Rowing gloves were the first articles we designed. To protect the skin of the palm and fingers while keeping the perfect grip and feeling for the oar, we use a thin but durable artificial leather textile. The ergonomic, curved shape of the gloves prevent blisters and painful wounds. For extra sensitive hands, we use padding on the most exposed spots on the fingers and palm. Available in summer and winter editions.


Bring your rowing comfort and style to the next level with our accessories such as Dry Bags, hand cream or stylish Socks. Ideal as gifts for your rowing buddies.

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