EVUPRE is a simplified word we created from the French phrase “Êtesvous prêts?” “Êtesvous prêts? Partez!” was used as the traditional starting command for rowing races many years ago. Now, “Attention? Go!” is the standard command used at national competitions, Olympic races, and everything in-between. However, the heritage of rowing lasts beyond the modern times, and this is what we want to stand for – passion, tradition, and quality in combination with the latest technology and timeless design. 

Our goal is to bring a new level of rowing gear to the scene by focusing on functionality and fit tailored specifically to the sport, using only the best materials we can find and manufacturing them into a variety of different items that have a captivating design. Being aware of our impact on the environment, our partners, and the wider community is important to us, that’s why we aim to operate using sustainable and ethical business practices wherever possible. We want you to feel the passion we have for the sport and thoughtfulness towards our customers every time you throw on your EVUPRE gear and go out for a row.

We want to hear from you! We are eager to discuss our products, develop new ideas together, tell you about our approach, and talk about moving boats. Let us know if you think your club gear is in need of a fresh start. Reach out if you have feedback on our products. Shoot us an email in case you have an idea for a new product or the next glove model. Whatever you have to say we are happy to hear it.

Tobias and Martin

Servus, welcome & bonjour


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