ROWTEX: How it all started

The core attributes of our company began to form long before the actual idea of creating a rowing clothing line was in our minds. When we were part of the Austrian National Rowing Team we trained and raced thousands of kilometers on various rivers and lakes all over Europe, and even some in Australia. This time of our lives required a lot of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice, but it always paid off. We loved the athletic lifestyle, made relationships that will last a lifetime and created so many great memories out on the water with our teammates. It was back then, in 2005, when the first pillars of our company were built. 

We were in constant pursuit of getting better and taking those seemingly perfect strokes. As most rowers can attest to, that feeling when the boat flows effortlessly under you, several bodies are moving together as one to create the perfect rhythm, and the boat glides faster and faster through the water with every stroke, is incredible. It’s not always easy to achieve but once you experience it you practically can’t stop trying to find it again. Well, we hardly did stop unless our hands were – literally- bloody and full of blisters. Since there were no real gloves designed for rowing on the market, we decided we wanted to do something about it. That is when our first company, ROWTEX, was born. We refined our idea by talking to rowing teammates, material technicians, and designers, and then quickly found a producer in Austria. After a lot of prototyping and testing, the first ROWTEX rowing gloves were created. 

For the next ten years, our sole focus was rowing gloves. Overtime we developed several models for cold weather, elite competitors, leisure rowers, masters, and student-athletes across the globe. Our ambassadors have successfully participated and won medals at the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and University Championships. Our gloves have also supported rowers on extraordinary adventures, rowing thousands of miles across Australia and Canada. 

As we established a well-known brand for gloves within the rowing world, the idea of developing other rowing gear was always a thought in the back of our minds. In 2018 we took the first steps towards making this idea a reality and introduced our first rowing Anorak. Supported by a successful crowdsourcing campaign, we launched a waterproof rowing jacket that is truly customized for our sport. From then on, we began developing more new products as part of the ROWTEX brand, including tech shirts, dry bags, and hand cream. 

In 2019, we decided to take our journey to the next level by launching EVUPRE- a new brand that combines distinct rowing designs with the highest quality standards. With EVUPRE we want to take the success of ROWTEX to the next level by continuing to stay committed to rowing gloves and growing our clothing line at the same time. We are also offering custom wear for clubs and teams that strive for more. We are excited to offer clothes that are truly made for rowing by rowers, customized by award-winning designers, and produced in Europe. 

We hope that you will be part of our journey – there are still many strokes to take!

Tobias and Martin

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