Protect Rowing Glove LP+


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The LP+ gloves give an extra layer of protection to limit blisters while keeping your hands warm during the cold season. The thin layer of Clarino textile on the palm enhances grip and feel of the oar handle.

  • Improved ergonomic fit
  • Strong Clarino textile on the palm
  • Velcro strokeside/bowside
  • Breathable and warm
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Protect Rowing Glove LP+ for the cold season

For almost 15 years, we have been designing the most advanced rowing gloves on the market. It all started as a project to help ourselves when we were rowing for the national team in Austria. Suffering from horrible blisters in the beginning of every season, we wanted to find a solution to protect our hands. We were fed up with not being able to train for a couple of days. We wanted to train harder. So we designed our first ROWTEX Rowing Gloves, the predecessor of our ROWING GLOVE LP+ model.


The Protect Rowing Glove LP+ (Light Protection) is all about preventing blisters and enhancing grip and feel of the oar handle. The “+” stands for protection from cold temperatures, provided by a warm textile on the back of the hand instead of the airy Mesh used for the Protect Rowing Glove LP. We use a strong but thin Clarino textile on the palm and front side of the fingers to achieve this. The Clarino material has built in laser cut micro holes to prevent sweat buildup. The fit of the glove is designed to comfortably take the shape of your hand and adapt to the changes in grip throughout the stroke. We have developed port and starboard specific gloves through the placement of the Velcro strap on stroke side or bow side as well as red and green detailing on the label. The red and green detailing on the label remind of port side and bow side. The pain of blisters and rough calloused hands doesn’t need to be a trade-off that athletes make for loving this sport with our athletic looking, highly functional protective gloves.

Which Protect Rowing Gloves fit best?

We offer our customers four different models: For maximum feeling and solid protection from blisters during the cold season, the Protect Rowing Glove LP+ is the one for you. For the same level of protection in the summer season, take the GLOVE LP with a breathable Mesh fabric on the back of the hand for air ventilation. If you think the LP+ is too thin, you can add an extra layer of protection against blisters by taking the GLOVE SP for the summer months or the GLOVE SP+ for the colder season.

For more content on the Protect Rowing Glove LP+ and other EVUPRE pieces, check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts. There might be an EVUPRE retailer close to you. Check out 4row if you live in Switzerland, EUROW in the Netherlands, or ROW Generation in Sweden.


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Care Instructions

The materials used in our products are chosen carefully to fulfill the high standards that we strive for. EVUPRE products should be functional and long lasting. In order to guarantee that, please follow our guidelines:

  • Wash cool 30˚C
  • Use non bio-detergent
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach


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