Dry Bag 5L


Includes 20% MwSt.

Keep all of your in-boat essentials organized and dry in the 5L Protect Dry Bag. This 100% waterproof bag is perfect for keeping your extra layers, personal belongings, and mid-session fuel safe from rain, waves and backsplash while you’re out on the water.


  • 5l volume
  • Fully waterproof when properly closed
  • Highly durable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Smartphone touch ready pocket (you can type on your mobile phone from the outside while it is safely stored inside the Dry Bag)
  • Reflecting logo print
  • Small enough to fit into a skiff


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When you’re out for a row the water is all around you, splashing into the boat, crashing over the hull or falling in rain drops from the sky, the Protect Dry Bag makes sure your belongings are safe from all of this water. We used thin plastic to construct the bag, making it extremely lightweight and still 100% waterproof when closed correctly with the top buckle. This item also protects the inside of the boat from getting scratched or damaged by any of the items you want to have with you. The idea behind the development of this bag was to give athletes the ability to conveniently bring anything they want out on the water with them to optimize their training. Whether it’s a sports bar, an extra layer you want to keep dry, a small towel, sunscreen, your keys, a cell phone, a light, sunglasses or anything else you want to have while you’re training the dry bag allows you to easily take it with you. There is also a clear touch screen sensitive window, so you still have full access to your cell phone. The carrying strap can easily be attached to your rigger and in the worst-case scenario that you take a dip the dry bag is built to stay afloat.

Care Instructions

The materials used in our products are chosen carefully to fulfill the high standards that we strive for. EVUPRE products should be functional and long lasting. In order to guarantee that, please follow our guidelines:

  • Hand wash cool 30˚C
  • Use non bio-detergent
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach

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