Fellow rowers,

As we are launching new EVUPRE products, there will not only be a new collection but also a new line of customized rowing wear for clubs and teams. 

The desire for a new approach to club wear has become clear to us as we interacted with many of you in the last years. Rowers from all around the globe, from Germany, Hong Kong, or the US, told us that they miss the level of quality of our products and the commitment to refined design in their club wear. Why not change this? 

It has taken us about 2 years to build the required knowledge, find outstanding designers and high-quality producers with the same passion and flexibility. Now, we are ready. After developing the first collections for a handful of selected teams, we are able and confident to working on new collections with you and your clubs. 

What will we offer? Our range includes unisuits, shirts, pants, vests, jackets and accessories. Our designers will develop a line that combines your ideas with our rowing and design experience. Every club or team wear is unique – no standard templates that are merely colorized and equipped with your logo.

Servus, welcome & bonjour


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