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Rowing apparel with style and high quality function. Row with us on the most beautiful lakes and rivers, sweat with us on the rowing ergometer, celebrate your greatest successes with us – share your legendary rowing experiences with us.

custom Club collection

EVUPRE rowing apparel for the entire club: From the pen of our designers we create special and stylish collections, according to your wishes. From racers with matching T-shirts to vests, shorts, pants as well as many accessories – all from one origin.

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Rethinking rowing Clothing

Our innovative and new releases offer more comfort and best preparation for training, racing, or touring. We strive to always provide the best rowing gear, develop products, and create beautiful designs.



EVUPRE Stories

With EVUPRE rowing apparel, we focus on the beautiful stories that rowing writes.

The breathtaking landscapes, clubs’ traditional boathouses and rowers’ outstanding achievements inspire us to create the most beautiful rowing apparel in the world.

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We give everything for rowing

For decades, we have been passionately committed to the rowing sport. Whether as competitive athletes, squad athletes or pure pleasure rowers. Being on the water means more to us than just exercise as we are constantly enchanted by the beautiful nature that surrounds: magnificent lakes and rivers nestled in wonderful settings, breathtaking coastlines or ancient waterways through cities and harbors. We are also inspired by the the traditional rowing clubs and their boathouses that tell special stories of adventurous trips or great triumphs. That is why we want to contribute with EVUPRE to make the sport of rowing even more beautiful.


With the ideas of graphic and textile designers, the creativity and experience of many rowers and the passion of our rowing community we want to set a milestone in rowing with EVUPRE.


We want to be conscious and careful with the beautiful nature surrounding us as we rowers benefit so greatly from it. For those reason we have decided for our products to always choose resources that leave the smallest footprint possible. Our selection regarding production sites is based on the highest social standards and accessibility with the goal to produce all EVUPRE items within Europe. At EVUPRE we aim to develop the best rowing apparel together by involving our dear rowing friends in our projects. Fits and patterns are always tested by national as well as amateur athletes in order to ensure top-notch quality. Our textiles and materials are selected by experts to meet the high demands of water, wind, sun, and sweat. Rowing includes the entire body and therefore poses a particular challenge for the fit which is why we work with the best professionals to find optimal solutions in all technical and aesthetic aspects.


For more photos and reviews on EVUPRE rowing apparel, we recommend our Instagram or Facebook pages. Also, there might be a retailer nearby! In Switzerland you can check out 4row, in the Netherlands EUROW and for Scandinavians we recommend ROW Generation.

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