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Welcome to the EVUPRE performance rowing apparel. Row with us on the most scenic lakes and rivers, sweat with us on the indoor rower, celebrate with us your biggest rowing victories – share with us your rowing stories.


A fine selection of performance rowing apparel and leisure wear for rowing clubs and teams – designed to the smallest detail.

Rowing Gloves – How it all began

Taking care of your blisters since 2005. For many years, we have been developing rowing gloves that protect rowers from blisters. Ergonomically shaper, durable materials, perfect grip.


Any rower knows about the level of commitment, the passion, and the energy that goes into rowing, whether as a competitive athlete, a squad athlete, or an amateur rower. Working towards the perfect stroke, perfectly balanced, perfectly synchronized. Being on the water means so much more to us than simply exercise. Again and again, we are enchanted by the exhilarating beauty of nature which surrounds us during every session on the water: magnificent lakes and rivers nestled in heavenly landscapes, stunning coastlines, or ancient waterways through cities and harbors. Rowing clubs and boat houses steeped in history tell great stories of adventurous river trips and marvelous triumphs. Therefore, we at EVUPRE want to make our contribution to rowing in order to make the sport yet more wonderful.


Influenced by ideas of graphic and textile designers, by the creativity and experience of our rowing friends, and the passion within the rowing community itself, we want to set a milestone in rowing with EVUPRE.


In admiration of the nature that surrounds us on the water, from which us rowers gain so much, it is a major concern for us to be mindful of the resources that are used in the production of our garments. We choose to adapt our business practice to the smallest possible ecological footprint by selecting our production sites based on a short supply chain as well as highest possible social standards. Our objective is to produce all EVUPRE garments and accessories in Europe. We aim to develop the best rowing apparel together by involving our rowing friends in our projects. Every fit and pattern is tested by both elite and amateur athletes to ensure the highest quality. Our textiles are selected by experts in order to meet the high demands of rowing outside as water, wind, sun, and sweat place high demands on the materials.

The entire body moves during a row stroke, which makes it especially challenging to find the perfect cut of a garment. For a perfect fit during stroke and recovery, we work closely together with experts to find optimal solutions in all technical and aesthetical aspects.


For detailed photos and stories about our EVUPRE Rowing Collection, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages. Our retailers in Switzerland and Germany are 4row, in the Netherlands EUROW, in Scandinavia All4Rowing and ROW Generation and in the UK FWD2Row.

EVUPRE Stories

We are passionate about the rowing sport. Doing great projects with friends and the many fantastic people from our community is the reason why we are in this business. To every project is a story worth to share.

Servus, welcome & bonjour


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