BEYOND ROWING – we went running with the Essentials Shorts

„Ultra lightweight, stretchy, highly comfortable. Cool for running!“ – Justyna.

The late summer sunshine was too beautiful and warm not to be taken advantage of last week in Vienna. We went running with our photographer Max and model Justyna at the Danube to test our Essentials Shorts outside of the rowing boat. The point we wanted to proof is the versatility of our products.

Rowing athletes are high-performers in and outside of the rowing boat. The hard workout rowers do on a daily basis makes them to machines. Rowers are often able to compete on the highest level in running, cycling, cross-country skiing, swimming, and other endurance/strength competitions. We take this into account when we design new products.

The Essentials collection is proof for what we are trying to achieve: to support rowers in their everyday workout – beyond the rowing boat.

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