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Winning a race together with your friends with the logo of your rowing club on the chest is an unforgettable moment. Wearing your club’s colors makes you proud and creates a strong feeling of affiliation.

With our CLUBS by EVUPRE collection, we offer a wide range of performance and leisure articles: racer, jackets, vests, performances tops, hoodies, polo shirts, accessories, and more. Made from the finest textiles used in all EVUPRE articles, responsibly sourced, and produced with the highest standards in Europe.


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The core of our CLUBS by EVPRE service is our design process. Together with your club, we take time to talk about all your ideas to create a unique design. No matter if you prefer traditional or modern graphic design, high-visibility or simple colors. We are ready to make your rowing club’s winning clothing collection.


Our team of graphic and fashion designer will guide you through the process. Depending on your wishes, we create first drafts and refine them in close cooperation with you. The history and tradition of your club will be represented in the esthetic appeal of your rowing club’s collection.


We produce your CLUBS by EVUPRE collection entirely at our partner production sites in Italy, Spain, and Slovakia. Racer, jackets, tops, hoodies, and all accessories are made with the finest textiles that we use in all EVUPRE articles and live up to the highest performance standards necessary to perform rowing at elite level.


Send us a request – we are looking forward to working with you!

For detailed photos and stories about our EVUPRE Rowing Collection, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages. Our retailers in Switzerland and Germany are 4row, in the Netherlands EUROW, in Scandinavia All4Rowing and ROW Generation and in the UK FWD2Row.

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