2023: Get the catch! In your favourite Outfit: Sarasota by EVUPRE

New blisters on your hands and sore bum cheeks from the first ergo sessions of the season. It’s the eternal rhythm of training, when post-season is pre-season. You’ve been lifting weights at the gym, done endless kilometres on the cross country tracks, swam endless lengths in the swimming pool – and we also want to join you on your off-season journey. We want to hear from you, please get in touch and tell us your story!

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Summer, sun, winter training

Our new Sarasota line is the sunshine in the grey winter season! In 2017, rowers raced in Sarasota, Florida, in tropical temperatures on the artificial regatta course (luckily the aligators decided to stay well clear of the blades cutting through the waters!).

A good feeling on the skin The bright orange Sarasota puts everyone in a good mood, while ensuring high visibility on the water. The combination of our Longsleeve Shirt, the matching vest, Splash Top with the water and wind proof jacket, we’re setting new standards. Even when worn with numerous other layers, it provides great wearability.  The outer skin made of two new Top-Shells: this thin, lightweight and strechty, but equally durable high quality layer, will protect you in horrible, gloomy weather.

Text: Silke Kettelhake

Fotocredits: EVUPRE

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