Welcome to your Shoplet’s call it Isa’s Hong Kong Rowing Team!

We are happy to present your new rowing clothes collection which we created in close collaboration with Isa. We have heard a lot about your coastal rowing adventures and racing in Hong Kong. We are truly fascinated and impressed by the great rowing vibes you create! Stories like yours are the reason why we are in the rowing apparel business. With our design driven approach, we want to support rowing communities in all the beautiful spots where rowing takes place.

The ISA HiViz style is made by EVUPRE designer Aleksandar, who has spent a couple of months studying in Hong Kong. Needless to say that he was fascinated by the lights and impressions during night. These memories of the city’s nightlife neon-lights are represented in your HiViz style as well as the club’s and country’s symbols. The colors we use in textile printing are made for high-visibility purpose. Wearing your new HiViz collection, you will send the right signals to ships, and certainly to your opponent boats.

We wish you a great rowing season! Don’t forget to send us a message if you have any questions: office@evupre.com


Next bulk order date: 30.04.2021

The time for the bulk order date is set to April, 30th. If you need longer time, just let us know.


Regarding sizes: choose your regular size for sports clothes. All items for the club collection are made with stretchy fabrics in order to fit more comfortably. Our size models are women and men from local rowing clubs.

For further questions, please have a look at the FAQs or get in touch with us: office@evupre.com.


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Shipping time

Regular delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks after the bulk order date has passed.

Where will the order be delivered to?

If not arranged differently (i.e. bulk shipment to the club), the order will be delivered to the address of your choice. You will be asked to state your shipment address during the order process.

Return policy

Since your collection is custom made and the design unique, EVUPRE CLUBS orders can’t be returned unless in case of false delivery. We recommend to swap sizes with your fellow club members if possible. We also recommend clubs to buy a small stock for new club members/size exchange if needed.

Are there any hidden costs included in the design process?

There are no additional/hidden costs in the design nor order process. The product prices include all design service.

Is it possible to personalize items (e.g. name)?

You can personalize your items in the order process for EUR 7 per item.

Is it possible to purchase other EVUPRE items together with my EVUPRE CLUBS apparel?

Certainly. Feel free to visit our regular shop or simply add items from the ‘related items’ section.

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